Top Environmental Trends for 2017

We reached out to our ECO Research Community to discover their top environmental trends for 2017, and what they feel was accomplished in the past year.

Evnironmental Trends

ECO asked: What was the greatest environmental accomplishment of 2016?

Survey says: Global climate change initiatives, with emphasis on the Paris Agreement.

At the national level, there was praise for the Government of Canada’s Federal initiatives including:

At the provincial level, there was buzz surrounding Alberta’s plans to implement Carbon Tax.

ECO asked: What technologies are changing or being developed that are going to make a difference in 2017?

Survey says: energy production and use

An honorable mention was given to communications technology. Members would like better communication and understanding of environmental issues and to improve public engagement.

ECO asked: What policy changes do you think will make a difference in 2017?

Survey says: ECO Research Community members reflect a Canadian perspective.  Respondents expect positive action from 2016 climate change initiatives.

Other trends include:

Carbon Tax at federal and provincial levels

Land policy initiatives

Federal policy reviews and changes

ECO asked: In your opinion, what do you think will be the greatest environmental issue/challenge of 2017?

Survey says: Respondents listed a range of environmental issues from high-level political/social issues to specific environmental conditions and spheres of activity including:

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Comment below and let us know what trends are on your radar for 2017.

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