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If you work in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) or Natural Resources, you could be eligible to receive funding for full-time environmental job placements and skills training.

Currently there are two streams of funding for 6 to 12 month positions:

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The employment programs have been recommended by leading environmental service companies such as QM Environmental, Beyond Rewards, The Firelight Group, 3D Energy, and more.

Check out past participant success stories: Environmental Employers Impacting Job Growth in Canada 

Youth Employment in Natural Resources

Natural Resources Canada, through their Science and Technology Youth Internship program, is working with us to provide funding for green jobs related to STEM in natural resources.

The four sectors in natural resources include:

  • Energy (including Clean Energy)
  • Forests
  • Minerals/Metals
  • Earth Sciences

Funding of up to $22,500 in wages and training if the job requires environmental skills and knowledge in order to produce goods or services that have an environmental benefit within the four sectors listed above.

You could be eligible for funding up to $30,000 for placements that will take place in Northern, Rural, or Remote locations and/or to support multi-barriered youth looking for work in the environmental sector.

Example: Innovation and use of clean technologies and processes in the natural resources sectors.

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Science Horizons Youth Internship Program

Environment and Climate Change Canada has worked with us for over 20 years to provide funding for green jobs in STEM which aim at establishing and growing a clean, safe, and sustainable environment for all of Canada.

Categories where roles could be eligible for up to $15,000 in wage funding include:

  • Green Manufacturing
  • Carbon & Climate Change Mitigation
  • Energy Efficiency & Green Building
  • Resource Conservation
  • Environmental Protection
  • …and many more

Science Horizons is committed to helping young people in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math gain the experience to find good jobs that positively impact the environmental sector in Canada.

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Funding Eligibility Requirements:

1. Employer must be Canadian owned or Canadian subsidiary

2. Must be a new full-time, permanent position

3. Must be an environmentally-related position in STEM and/or Natural Resources

4. Cannot be an existing full-time, permanent employee

5. Candidate must be aged 30 or under and meet all other eligibility requirements

6. Position must have a positive impact on the environment

If you are interested in becoming a host employer or program candidate, choose your program below to get the full details.

I’m interested in funding for jobs related to Natural Resources

I’m interested in funding for jobs related to Environmental Impact

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