Science Horizons Internship Program

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Funding has now been fully allocated. We are looking forward to updates from those who received this year's funding.


Examples of Roles:

Environmental Coordinator, Research Assistant to assess climate change impacts


Examples of Roles:

Software Designer that creates smart grid technologies, GIS Analyst focused on animal movements in Northern Canada


Example of Role:

Design engineer to develop environmental monitoring equipment for greenhouse gases


Example of Role:

Home Energy Modeller to calculate thermal performance of buildings with a goal of recommending and implementing energy efficient options.

Please Note: Funding is Now Full!

We’ve been working with Environment and Climate Change Canada for over 20 years to provide bright young minds the chance to gain valuable work experience with a variety of organizations and industries in Canada that hire environmental positions.

For those employers and candidates who fit the eligibility criteria, up to 70% of salary or wages will be covered for jobs that contribute to economic growth in roles related to climate change, clean technology and environmental sustainability.

Requirements for Candidates:

  • Currently unemployed or underemployed
  • Able to work in a full-time, permanent position within 30 days from application
  • Intend to lead an environmental career in STEM or natural resources
  • Graduated from a recognized post-secondary institution with a 2 year diploma or 4 year degree
  • 30 years of age or younger, Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or have refugee status

Requirements for Host Employers:

  • Offer full-time, permanent position for aged 30 or under candidate
  • Environmentally-related position in STEM
  • Hiring a new employee – not an existing full-time employee
  • Must be Canadian owned, Canadian subsidiary, Municipal or Provincial Government Department
  • Candidate must have graduated from post-secondary institute and is a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or has refugee status

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To date, we’ve facilitated the placement of over 7,500 candidates in meaningful careers from small to mid-size businesses, non-profit organizations to municipal/provincial governments. Thanks to all our employers for participating over the years!

Follow these easy steps to apply to get wage funding:

  1. Take the eligibility Quiz and complete the host application to get approved by our employment programs team.
  2. Find a Candidate for the approved position and have them apply.
  3. Employer hosts and approved Candidate become linked and contracts are issued.
  4. Send back contracts to our team and start the position!
  5. Complete reports, webinars and send pay stubs to receive your wage funding.

Youth Employment in Natural Resources

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Employment Program Employer Case Studies

We asked environmental employers what their experience has been in our wage funding programs.

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