Careers in Energy: Current Job Trends and Future Growth


Note: The total number of core environmental workers for this sub-sector is updated. Please refer to the New Ways of Measuring Environmental Employment report to find the current numbers. Career pathways, trends and key findings in the Energy report remain accurate.

Energy careers represent an important and growing employment opportunity for job-seekers. Over 148,000 professionals perform energy-related activities in Canada’s key energy-intensive sectors, and 48% of employers in these sectors expect to hire additional workers soon. In fact, energy careers are expanding so rapidly that there is a clear need for updated and detailed information on what these jobs actually encompass and how job-seekers can prepare.

The Careers in Energy study responds to this need, offering extensive insight on key occupations, salaries and requirements for environmental jobs in Canada’s energy sector.

Want to know what it takes to land a rewarding career in energy? Read this report to find out!


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