Careers in Environmental Professional Services: Current Job Trends and Future Growth

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Note: The total number of core environmental workers is updated. Please refer to the New Ways of Measuring Environmental Employment report to find the current numbers. Career pathways, trends and key findings in the Environmental Professional Services report remain accurate.

Over the course of ECO Canada’s research on careers in different Canadian environmental sub-sectors, we noticed an important trend: the same 4 occupations kept cropping up. In fact, these top occupations accounted for the largest proportion of job vacancies in our sample, were in strong demand across multiple sub-sectors, and shared a clear connection to Environmental Professional Services.

Since these 4 occupational paths represent a strong opportunity for green job seekers, Careers in Environmental Professional Services provides an in-depth look at the characteristics, required skills, and top employer industries for each of these occupations.

Interested in learning what these top 4 occupations are and how you can get started? Read this report to learn more!


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