Careers in Natural Resource Management: Current Job Trends and Future Growth


Note: The total number of core environmental workers for this sub-sector is updated. Please refer to the New Ways of Measuring Environmental Employment report to find the current numbers. Career pathways, trends and key findings in the Natural Resource Management report remain accurate.

Careers in Natural Resource Management (NRM) sub-sector are in high demand. The combination of positive cycles of growth in the forestry sector, future resource project development, a supportive political environment, stable or growing environmental protection budgets for governments and companies, and the use of advanced technology are aspects that are expected to result in job opportunities.

In 2015, approximately 2,000 employers posted 4,020 advertisements for job vacancies for NRM professionals in Canada. In addition, 31% of employers in this sub-sector reported that they expect their overall employment will increase from 2015-18.

Read the Natural Resource Management report for the latest labour market insights into this sub-sector, including top practice areas, career paths, demand by province, and industry trends.


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