Careers in Sustainability: Current Job Trends and Future Growth


Note: The total number of core environmental workers for this sub-sector is updated. Please refer to the New Ways of Measuring Environmental Employment report to find the current numbers. Career pathways, trends and key findings in the Sustainability report remain accurate.

Sustainability is one of the fastest growing environmental fields in Canada. Currently, over 50,000 professionals spend 50% or more of their work time on activities related to environmental, economic and social sustainability.

These impressive employment numbers demonstrate the critical role that Sustainability Professionals play in numerous organizations, including managing risk, increasing capital returns, and supporting new business growth.

Despite the clear importance of sustainability work, many prospective professionals do not have the up-to-date information they need to plan for a rewarding, viable career in sustainability. Careers in Sustainability is designed to bridge the gap by providing valuable insight on key sustainability employment trends in Canada.

If you’ve ever considered a career in sustainability and wondered, “Where are the jobs and how can I get started?” this report is for you.


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