Careers in Selected Environmental Sub-Sectors: Current Job Trends and Future Growth


Note: The total number of core environmental workers for this combined sub-sector is updated. Please refer to the New Ways of Measuring Environmental Employment report to find the current numbers. Career pathways, trends and key findings in Selected Environmental Sub-Sectors report remain accurate.

Professionals in Communication and Public Awareness (CPA), Education and Training (ET), Research Development (RD), and Policy and Legislation (PL) often move between these four sub-sectors and apply skills acquired in one sub-sector to others. For this reason, the four of them are covered in this single report.

Careers in CPA-ET-RD-PL are multi-disciplinary and practitioners have diverse educational backgrounds, such as engineering, law, education, physical sciences and business.

Read the Selected Environmental Sub-Sectors report for the latest labour market insights into these sub-sectors, including labour force by province, employers, career pathways, and industry trends.


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