New Ways of Measuring Environmental Employment (2017)

ECO Canada is moving away from large multifaceted surveys as its primary source of labour market information and is examining new ways of measuring environmental employment. From goods and services to job hiring trends and preliminary exploration of supply and demand, the following reports aim to provide a complete picture of environmental employment today and in the future.

Canadian Environmental Employment: Summary Analysis (September 2017)

Canadian Environmental Employment Summary

This report introduces some new concepts and ways of exploring trends in environmental employment. It summarizes the major findings of the next three reports in the series.

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Canadian Environmental Employment: Job Posting Trends (September 2017)

Job Posting Trends

This report looks at how job posting analysis can be useful in looking at hiring trends and presents some findings for environmental employment.

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Canadian Environmental Employment: Supply and Demand (September 2017)

Supply and Demand Model

ECO Canada has begun work on a supply-demand model, and this report presents some early findings.

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Canadian Environmental Employment: Environmental Goods and Services (September 2017)

Environmental Goods and Services

This report analyses data from UK-company kMatrix and presents major findings on market size and employment. It also looks at the contribution of each ECO Canada sub-sector to Canada’s GDP.

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