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Compensation is still the key motivator for employees to stay with an organization or choose one position over another. Our Compensation Guide will help you ensure that your organization is prepared to meet the challenges of the labour market with the right tools in place.

Environmental Job Market Trends (October to December 2020)

Our Job Posting Analysis (JPA) reports present a snapshot of online recruitment activity levels and trends for Canadian environmental roles. The interactive platform is updated every 4 months to provide yearly and quarterly insights.

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For over 20 years, ECO Canada has been studying the environmental labour market to find trends and opportunities in the sector. Our expertise can help you make informed decisions whether you are a policymaker, job seeker, academic researcher or student. Learn more about our research in the sections below.

Labour Market Information

Labour Market Information (LMI) is intelligence regarding current and future job and labour market environment to help individuals, organizations and governments make informed decisions on career planning, job search, programs and policies and recruiting.

National Occupational Standards

ECO Canada has developed the only guide in the country that describes technical skills and knowledge that professionals need to succeed in the environmental sector. The foundation of our EP designation and Accredited programs complies with these standards.


We have studied and analyzed the green economy, human resources practices, labour supply issues and other relevant topics within the Canadian sphere. Browse our reports to find information currently in use and historical files.

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