Environmental Jobs and Hiring Trends in the Decade Ahead

From Recession to Recovery: Environmental Labour Demand Outlook

While other markets face long recoveries ahead, forecasts for environmental employment demand are positive with job openings anticipated to approach a quarter million by 2029.

Environmental priorities, regulations, and investment have intensified over the last decade and these changes have contributed to the substantial growth of green jobs in Canada.

Our research forecasts sizeable hiring demand across the environmental sector due to a combination of job creation and high levels of retirement, opening up opportunities at all career levels.

Report Highlights

  • The environmental sector is expected to grow 8% by 2029
  • Close to 30% of the current workforce is poised to retire within the next decade
  • The combination of new jobs and replacement demand may contribute as many as 233,500 net openings by 2029
  • The demand for environmental workers will impact every region and nearly every occupation
  • Related labour and skills shortages can be addressed to meet the demand in a sustainable way

Investing in human capital is vital to the success of Canada’s green economy and is a shared responsibility among employers, workers, governments and educators. Workforce attraction, retention and development strategies and solutions help ensure an adequate supply of skilled workers to meet the environmental human resource needs of today and in the years to come.

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