Environmental Job Market Trends Mid-2018

Environmental job postings in mid-2018 are trending 3% higher from last year

Job vacancy and online job postings indicate near-term employment trends, and ECO Canada estimates national employment numbers will keep increasing.

Improved labour market performance within key industries and occupations bode well for Canada’s environmental job market. These factors, combined with programs to embolden environmental-related activity, and based on quarterly trends observed in 2017, suggest that job postings for this sector are expected to continue an upward trend for the remainder of 2018.

In this report, you will learn about:

  • Year-Over-Year employment gains in Canada, including top regions, key industries and occupational groupings
  • The top three environmental practice areas with the highest number of job postings. Natural Resource Management (32% of total environmental job ads); Environmental Health and Safety (20%); and Waste Management (18%)
  • Job postings for environmental-related occupations. In Q2 2018, Agriculture and Horticulture experienced a 114% increase when compared to Q2 2017