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Skills Essential for Success in the Industry

We asked environmental employers this: what skills are most in-demand?

Choosing Your Path eBook

Choosing a Career Path That's Right

Key areas that will help you hone your environmental career and be successful

Employability guide cover

Employability Tips for New Practitioners

Professional development tips for those starting out or transitioning to the environmental sector.


Inspire Your Staff to Say I Love My Job

The competencies employers look for in their staff and what strategies they use to keep them.

HR Best Practices 2012

HR Best Practices

HR strategies used by environmental companies to promote employee engagement.


Aboriginal Recruitment Guide

Key areas of understanding when recruiting Indigenous talent.


HR Insights 2009

Address recruiting, training, and retention with a focus on cost consciousness.

Characteristics of Canadian Environmental Practitioners 2009

Characteristics of Environmental Practitioners

Learn practitioner profiles –  from less experienced to advanced roles.

Program Guides

BEAHR Training Guide

BEAHR Training Program Guide

Step-by-step information to get started and complete your EP or EPt designation application.


Bachelor's in Environmental Practice

Overview of Royal Roads University online Bachelor’s program, courses and other details.


Master's in Environmental Practice

Royal Roads University Master’s program is designed to advance your career into leadership.

EP-EPt-Applicant-Guide_2019 pdf

EP Certification Application Guide

Step-by-step information to get started and complete your EP or EPt designation application.

National Standard for Environmental Programs

Post Secondary Accreditation Application Guide

Learn how the environmental program accreditation process works and how to prepare.


Specializing in the Environmental Sector

As part of becoming a certified EP, learn about the specializations that fit your expertise.

ECO-EP-Guidelines-for-Ethical-Practice-2018 pdf

EP Guidelines for Ethical Practice

Step-by-step information to get started and complete your EP or EPt designation application.



ECO Canada At a Glance Program Brochure

Overview of our programs and services.

ECO_Accreditation_Package-1-Jan-2019-1 pdf

Post-Secondary Accreditation

Elevate your institutions with academic accreditation.


ECO+ Pro Membership

Individuals can access professional development resources & program discounts.


ECO+ Enterprise Membership

Professional development resource access to support organizations.

_ECO Employer Case Studies 2 4 - opt

Employment Program Employer Case Studies

We asked environmental employers what their experience has been in our wage funding programs.

_ECO Intern Case Studies 1 4_SR_Compressed

Employment Program Job Candidate Case Studies

We asked young professionals what it’s like to participate in our wage funding programs.

Short Videos

ECO Canada - Connecting Paths Part Two

Not all paths start in the same place, but they are all connected.

ECO Canada - Connecting Paths Part One

We support the people growing the environmental sector, one path at a time.

ECO Canada - La Ou Les Chemins Se Connectent 1

Tous les chemins ne commencent pas au même endroit, mais ils sont tous connectés.

ECO Canada - La Ou Les Chemins Se Connectent 2

Nous soutenons les personnes qui développent l’industrie de l’environnement au Canada, une voie à la fois.

Interview with Kevin Nilsen, CEO & President

Hear Kevin’s point of view on the environmental sector and his role at ECO.

Start Your Career Journey with ECO

Learn how we support practitioners through every stage of their career journey.

Spotlight on Delta Remediation

Learn how our wage funding programs have helped Delta build their business.

Spotlight on Tetra Tech

Learn how Tetra Tech uses wage funding to support their project fulfilment work.

Building Environmental Human Resource Capacity

3 Employers and their new staff share how the wage funding program has had an impact.

Emerging Professionals Advance Their Career

Testimonials from wage funding interns on how their career journey has grown.

EP's in the Field - Ian Smith, Fluvial Geomorphologist

Ian shared with us a little bit about his role and the work he does out in Ontario.

EP's in the Field - Kyle Paddon, Environmental Manager

Learn about Kyle Paddon’s career path and the work he does in British Columbia.


Essential Skills Needed to Succeed in the Environmental Sector

A deep dive into the research we conducted identifying top skills in demand by employers.

Advancing Your Career: Key Lessons from 2018

Employment trends and opportunities for those transitioning into the sector or looking for a new role.

Archaeological Predictive Modelling: Applications of Machine Learning

Discover how advances in tech and machine learning are protecting Canada’s archaeological sites.

Sustainability Implementation Made Simple

Learn how a plan-do-check-act approach can be used to implement sustainability.


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