Co-op Program: Host Eligibility Quiz

We are pleased to offer job placement opportunities for students working in a STEAM or business position through Employment and Social Development Canada funding.
The Cooperative Student Work Integrated Program (SWP) offers up to $ 5,000 in wage subsidies. Eligible employers can hire students for jobs in science, technology, engineering, arts, or mathematics (STEAM) or business.
1. Complete the following employer's application.
2. Wait to receive approval from Eco Canada.
3. Find an eligible student and have the student submit their application.
4. ECO Canada will match the host and student applications prior to the start of the placement.
5. The contracts are reviewed by both parties and the placement begins.
Answer the following questions to determine if your organization is pre-approved to participate in the program.
**The third question is for tracking purposes and will not affect eligibility outcome**

Note: Federal, Provincial, Territorial and Municipal governments are not eligible under the Student Work Placement Program (Co-op).




Email address:

Is your company Canadian owned or a Canadian subsidiary?

Are you currently offering a paid student work integrated learning opportunity?

Is this new position related to the environment or an environmental project?

Does this co-op position have an element of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics)?