Update May 29, 2020: We are anticipating additional funding to be announced shortly. Submit your application to ensure your spot on the waitlist. 

Consider applying for our Co-op wage funding if you are looking to grow the capacity of your organization.

Host Eligibility Assessment 

Employer Eligibility Assessment – Find Out If You Qualify for Funding for your New Junior Professional

ECO Canada, in partnership with the Government of Canada, is pleased to offer wage funding for employers looking to onboard young professionals. This program offer eligible employers up to 50% of salary to create meaningful environmental jobs in science, technology, engineering, mathematics or natural resources.

  • Grow your team capacity at a cost savings
  • Tap into new talent with fresh ideas
  • Use funding to hire multiple new positions

Be approved in as little as two days should you qualify!

Here's how the program works:

  1. Find out if you qualify by filling out the form below
  2. Complete application
  3. Get your approval by our customer support team
  4. Recruit your new hire and have them apply
  5. Our customer support team will finalize the match with your new hire
  6. Start receiving funding installments
Please note: All documents will be produced in the language of your choice in the application. Select the language you will feel at ease with reading contracts and reports. You can switch the language on the upper right side of your application now.
Veuillez noter que la totalité de vos documents suivront la langue de choix de votre candidature. Merci de sélectionner la langue dans laquelle vous serez le plus à l'aise (contrats et rapports) sur le côté droit en haut de votre candidature.
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